Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has announced the introduction of new services for delivering driving licenses and vehicle registration cards. Under the new service offering, driving licenses and vehicle registration cards can be delivered in two hours within Dubai, and on the same day to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. A new service has been added for forwarding consignments to overseas clients. 

RTA seeks to make people happier and sustain the ongoing improvements in serving motorists applying for the renewal of driving licenses, renewal of vehicle registration or replacement of damaged/lost driving licenses or vehicle registration cards and the issuance of international driving licenses. 

Delivery Services Statistics

During the first quarter of this year, RTA processed 134,640 transactions relating to various transactions including: 107,054 vehicle-renewal transactions, 25,500 driving license renewal transactions, 939 transactions for replacing damaged or lost driving licenses. In additions to 732 international driving licenses issuance transactions, and 415 damaged or lost vehicle registration cards replacement transactions.

Source RTA Dubai