The Hemaya International Centre at the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, in collaboration with the Dubai Centre for Civil Aviation Security, has organised a workshop on "Developing the Skills of Airport Security Scanners’ Operators".


The workshop is part of the Hemaya International Centre’s programs and plans to improve the skills and capabilities of staff at crucial points and facilities. Fifty inspectors from various sites in Dubai's airports participated in the workshop.


The workshop covered topics such as types and forms of drugs, their effects, and the consequent implications on users and dealers economically and socially. In addition, it presented recent experiences with various concealment methods and how to develop body language traits for security device inspectors.


The workshop was attended by Colonel Engineer Marwan Mohammed Sanjil, Director of the Civil Aviation Security Centre, and Captain Ahmed Zayed Al Busaidi, Head of the International Programs Department at the Hemaya International Centre.


Brigadier Eid Mohammed Thani Harib, Director of the General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police, noted that contemporary police officers must develop their professional skills with field experiences, specialised courses, and workshops to keep pace with the rapidly evolving reality that includes innovative ideas.


"The Hemaya International Centre, with its wealth of knowledge, is committed to sharing its expertise with all entities keen on developing their staff's skills. This vision was the motivation behind holding workshops for a group of inspectors from Dubai's Centre for Civil Aviation Security, as the Centre aims to spread its knowledge culture to the broadest possible segment of society," he said.


Colonel Engineer Marwan Mohammed Singl, Director of the Civil Aviation Security Centre, said that the Dubai Police are keen to develop the capabilities of its employees and workers in the civil aviation security sector in Dubai's airports, in line with the requirements of the era and its rapid changes.


Singl explained that airport employees should be fully aware of the threats to the security and stability of Dubai's airports and the general safety of civil aviation. He explained that this aligns with the global leading reputation of Dubai's airports.


"Airport security is concerned with implementing and supervising security measures, constantly working in collaboration with its partners to enhance airport security inspectors' practical and scientific capabilities to keep up with new concealment methods, which pose a constant challenge," he said. 


He thanked the Hemaya International Centre staff, particularly the General Department of Anti-Narcotics, for initiating outstanding, informative, and rich workshops filled with experiences and field trials.


Colonel Dr. Abdulrahman Sharaf Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Hemaya International Centre, stated that this workshop is the second in a series held in cooperation between the Centre and Dubai Centre for Civil Aviation Security.


"We are preparing to hold further workshops for other groups of inspectors to benefit all, considering that inspectors are responsible for the security and protection of one of the world's most advanced, largest, and sophisticated airports," "Security not only includes explosives, weapons, and threats to aviation security but also extends to drugs, which play a crucial role in maintaining the security, safety, and reputation of the United Arab Emirates,” Al Muhairi concluded.

Source Dubai Police