This Singapore Deep Tech startup is using artificial intelligence to bring more efficiency to high-volume and high-complexity manufacturing, starting with the semiconductor industry. 
The first time SixSense co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Avni Agrawal stepped inside a semiconductor manufacturing plant, she was surprised to see human workers among the robotic arms, manually reviewing and classifying images into different defect categories.
“Even though the semiconductor industry is highly automated, the visual inspection process remains fairly manual,” says Agrawal. “This leads to a lot of downstream problems in manufacturing which are very significant for them.”
Coupled with the exponential growth of high-powered devices dependent on semiconductors, Agrawal and her co-founder, Akanksha Jagwani, saw this bottleneck as an opportunity to help reduce costs and revenue losses while increasing productivity in the industry.
The Singapore-based Deep Tech startup has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) powered visual inspection platform designed to make semiconductor manufacturers’ quality inspection processes smarter, more consistent, and more efficient. 
“Demand for semiconductors is increasing exponentially, which is going to drive huge growth across the industry,” says Agrawal. “Manufacturers are looking to increase automation in areas that will help them to scale.”......
Source SG Innovate