The Thai government is working to preserve local art while developing it into soft power to enhance economic value. The Ministry of Commerce has tasked the Sustainable Arts and Crafts Institute of Thailand (SACIT), aiming to attract both the younger generation and foreigners without losing its unique identity.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Phumtham Wechayachai emphasized policies for SACIT in Bang Sai District of Ayutthaya Province. 

He stressed the importance of preserving, maintaining, and developing handicrafts as the nation's soft power. This initiative aims to increase economic value while strengthening creators' skills to keep up with global trends, ensuring that Thai identity is not lost. The goal is to make Thai art accessible to both the younger generation and foreigners.

The Ministry of Commerce's mission includes overseeing the growth of community enterprises and the public in areas such as intellectual property, registration, and export promotion. Collaboration with partners aims to fully harness the value of Thai identity, fostering national pride and nurturing a creative new generation.

The Ministry also supports SACIT as a central venue for showcasing crafts, serving as a cultural and crafts learning center, and a tourism hub for the central provinces.

Source Thailand PRD