The government is set to capitalize on the recent surge in popularity of Bangkok’s Yaowarat district, following its feature in a music video by Thailand’s Lalisa Manoban, aka Lisa Blackpink. The video for her latest single, “Rockstar” garnered 19.2 million views within just 11 hours of its release on YouTube on Friday (June 28). 

In response, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is planning to extend its promotional efforts beyond Yaowarat to include nearby neighborhoods such as Sampheng market, Talat Noi, Song Wat road, and Wang Burapha. These areas will be promoted on various social media platforms, along with key annual events such as the Chinese New Year and the Vegetarian Festival.

TAT Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool highlighted the role of entertainment in tourism promotion, noting the music video's potential to enhance the country's image and attract a broader audience. In light of the video’s success, TAT plans to introduce new tourism activities designed to draw more visitors, with local businesses expected to enhance their offerings to meet the anticipated increase in foreign tourists.

Deputy Government Spokeswoman Rudklao Intawong Suwankiri remarked on the impact of Lisa's global fanbase on Thai tourism, suggesting that Yaowarat could become a new hotspot for visitors. Chamnan Srisawat, president of the Tourism Council of Thailand, echoed the sentiment, predicting a boost to local tourism as fans of the artist visit the location. He also called attention to the need for improvements in cleanliness and safety on Yaowarat road to accommodate this new influx of tourists.

Source Thailand PRD