Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Trukker Technologies DMCC Company to establish a digital platform to facilitate the delivery of commercial transport services in Dubai. This platform is intended to offer commercial transport options for both individual and corporate clients in the emirate, encompassing a range of commercial transport services and means (furniture movers, goods transporters, and other cargo trucks in addition to other commercial vehicles).

The agreement was signed by Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO, Licensing Agency, RTA, and by Gaurav Biswas, Founder and CEO of the Company. The signing ceremony was attended by several directors, managers, and staff members from both parties.

"RTA is always keen on elevating the standard of services offered to individuals and corporate customers. We intend to align this initiative with the top international practices driven by a commitment to developing a refined network and systems to provide sustainable and smart commercial transport solutions for individuals and businesses. It requires delivering sophisticated yet user-friendly services to a diverse spectrum of the community," commented Abdulla Yousef Al Ali

He added that this digital platform aims to enhance the quality of commercial transport services by connecting customers with providers. It allows individuals, companies, and entities in Dubai to book suitable commercial vehicles for transportation and connect them directly with RTA-registered service providers. This move is in line with RTA's strategic goals of enhancing public-private partnerships. We are pleased to sign this agreement with Trukker Technologies DMCC Company as we aim to expand our collaborations with private entities.

Al Ali Explained The platform acts as a dedicated automated channel serving Dubai community, enabling access to commercial transport service providers. It guarantees that all users receive precise and authentic information about these providers, thereby easing and simplifying the customers' journey to commercial transport services in the emirate. The platform offers the public an interactive searchable database of service providers, enabling clients to obtain the service efficiently in the context of the ongoing digital transformation of services and providing value-added services to customers in Dubai.
Gaurav stated, "I am extremely proud and excited about our partnership with RTA. We thank their visionary leadership for fostering a culture focused on execution and collaboration. This agreement marks a strategic move towards providing advanced yet user-friendly solutions to meet the varied transportation needs of individuals and businesses in Dubai. Through automation, the platform will provide real-time and actionable information to users, ensuring a smooth journey for both customers and operators."

He added: “This initiative thus prioritizes user convenience, ensures reliability with registered service providers, and aligns with the long-term commitment to Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) principles for both TruKKer and RTA. We will transform intra-city transport services across Dubai and soon across other regional metropolis.”

Source RTA Dubai