Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reiterated its unwavering commitment to boosting the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) based on the vision of wise leadership aiming to support the partnership between the public and private sectors and make Dubai the capital of the global economy at the regional level.

Recognizing the importance of this vision, RTA has delivered a host of projects and initiatives through the PPP model; opening up new avenues for private sector investment into infrastructure and service projects. 

 “RTA is firmly committed to financial sustainability and has established it as a strategic goal for future investments. It has made progress in this regard by launching an array of mesmerising projects. Examples include Union 71 Project; a mix of commercial, residential and retail units above the Dubai Metro Union Station,” said Ibrahim Al Haddad, Director of Commercial and Investment, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector, RTA. 

“We also have ‘Saahat Deira,’ which is to be developed as a rooftop entertainment plaza/café with car park, as well as the Bus Shelters project. We are also considering private sector engagement for a raft of new infrastructure projects including the building of roads and projects, metro expansion, multi-level car parks. RTA is also considering private sector involvement in an array of pioneering projects,” explained Al Haddad. 

“RTA’s sixth strategic goal (Financial Sustainability) calls for diversifying the funding sources of RTA projects; which we seek to realise through partnering with the private sector. This model allows us to leverage the expertise, resources and operational capabilities of the private sector; which drives forward our response to our leaders’ call and at the same time contributes to a better living environment for Dubai residents,” concluded RTA’s Director of Commercial and Investment.